Some Uncommon Uses of Dermal Fillers

You have heard of dermal fillers that have proved to be tremendously effective in rejuvenating the lips and cheeks. There are several other uses of dermal fillers that you have absolutely no idea about. Dermal fillers are used to combat volume loss and for complete rejuvenation. The results of dermal filler injection treatment could be incredibly beautiful. They add volume and rejuvenate the affected areas thus restoring your skin’s youthfulness and the lost charm. If you are based in Toorak, you could schedule an appointment at a reputed clinic for an anti-aging treatment involving dermal fillers. Here are some uses of dermal fillers you may not know about.

Earlobe Rejuvenation

Get youthful earlobes by the use of dermal filler injections. Patients are increasingly opting for earlobe rejuvenation. With age, you would notice signs of volume loss and skin damage. Earlobes are also susceptible to the ill-effects of the aging process. Ear lobes are badly affected by the use of heavy jewellery or accessories that aggravate the volume loss and aging issue. Several people are addressing this issue successfully with dermal filler injections.

You could add volume to and rejuvenate your lobules in a painless, durable, and safe manner. Earlobes that are really small could get a real boost with the administration of the dermal filler injections. The treatment results could last much longer up to a year or more. This procedure would not be impacting a person’s capacity to wear earrings later on. The procedure could be redone as the filler is getting diminished with time. Moreover, small earlobes could be enhanced with the effective use of dermal fillers that would give a nice rounded look to your earlobes simply by enlargement of the outer lobule. Get your earlobes rejuvenated with effective dermal fillers in a Toorak-based clinic.

Chin Augmentation

Strong chins are in vogue as they make you look healthy and cool. A really well-defined chin line has always been appreciated and today you could achieve that with effective dermal filler injections. Today non-surgical chin augmentation is possible with this treatment. Moreover, the shape of your chin could also be modified with the use of dermal filler injections.

Neck Wrinkle Removal

A neck wrinkle appears not only because of age but sometimes many young and healthy people have a ring running horizontally all across the neck. Several plastic surgeons and dermatologists have been adequately trained and they master the technique of neck filling. You must choose a fully qualified dermatologist and a highly reputed and experienced provider to administer these injections.

Getting Rid of Acne Scars

Boxcar, rolling and ice pick are some of the most stubborn acne scars that are quite difficult to treat even with chemical peels and laser therapy.  However, these obstinate scars could be effectively tackled by the newer generation of dermal fillers. The results could truly be life-changing but often a number of treatments would be required. Results would be visible just post the first session.

Great for Hand Rejuvenation

Your hands easily give away your age. There would be dark marks because of sun damage; moreover, tendons and bony structures are more prominent with aging. If you are in Toorak, get dermal fillers done to rejuvenate your hands.

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