Areas that you can enliven with Dermal Filling

Dermal fillers have become the perfect method in which to improve and enhance the volume of your skin, taking away signs of aging and giving you a rejuvenated look. You can enliven all of the below mentioned areas by visiting the best clinic for dermal fillers in Camberwell:

The chin

With dermal filling, you can augment your chin to change the definition of your chin and make it look sharper and prominent. The treatment also changes the contours of the chin if that is what you intend to have done when you undergo dermal filling. Chin augmentation through fillers has become a popular phenomenon known as the lunchtime rejuvenation due to the quickness of the treatment.

Puppet lines

The marionette lines, also called puppet lines are the lines around our mouth that are present from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Dermal fillers help in restoral the volume back to your face which makes you seem younger and improves the texture of your skin as well as the flexibility. With fillers injected, the area attracts moisture which helps in the process of restoration.


As we age, our cheeks lose their elasticity with the loss of subcutaneous fat. This is one of the major reasons for hollowed cheeks as well as sunken cheeks. The skin sags as a result, making you appear older than you are. Dermal fillers plump up the face, giving it a lift and a volume that seems natural. With the right specialist treating you, a cheek filler can make you look younger and brighten up your look notably.


Where a nose job took a long time to get done earlier, advancements have led to dermal filling helping you get your nose fixed within minutes! From straightening out the bumps in your nose to rectifying any crooked lines or even the cartilage, fillers work wonders in giving your nose perfection.

All of these areas can be effectively treated using dermal fillers as a method for skin rejuvenation in order to enliven your skin.

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